The Paper Pioneers
Beautifully designed cards, thoughtfully delivered.

Meet the Pioneers

Meet The Paper Pioneers


Meet the Pioneers


We’re a small (but perfectly formed) card company based in Bristol with over 40 years’ combined experience working in the design industry. We’re passionate about all things creative, from illustration and calligraphy to hand-sewing and paper-cutting, and from screen print to lino print – we’ve done and love it all. We pour all of our experience and enthusiasm into every single Paper Pioneers Pack, just for you, and your lucky recipients.

We’re big fans of supporting local talent and keeping things fresh, so we also work with a variety of tried and trusted designers, artists and illustrators. We'll be introducing you to them over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled!



New-mum/sleep-deprived Mel still manages to keep the PP crew in line –and in food. She’s a fantastic cook (yay!) and the original brains behind the Pioneers. What this woman doesn’t know about customer service and being nice to people (like all the time...) quite frankly isn’t worth knowing.



Movie-buff, street-art fan and music fiend, our Clair’s a creative through and through. She’s the illustrator in our midst and her creations have adorned many a gallery and wall in her time, but what’s even better is that she’s talented AND business-minded, who knew? Well, us actually... *smug faces*.



Our enthusiastic and annoyingly energetic creative is currently roving around South America on a bike. As you do. She says she’s being inspired but we think she’s the inspiring one. She’s got a way with words and is a force to be reckoned with when she's got an idea... don't say we didn't warn you.



Floristry, social media, house renovation, account management, actual mountain climbing (ice axes ‘n all), you name it Laura’s  #nailedit. Lucky for us, she’s great at it all, but shhhhhh, everyone will want her. Smiles and laughs aplenty when she’s around, she’s one of the good ones, and she’s all ours.